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The Itinerary.



The Road Ahead.

The 'Round the World Challenge 2001 journey around the world focused worldwide attention on the power of technology to give freedom and independence to people with disabilities, through former World Cup champion freestyle skier Mike Nemesvary's successful bid to become the first quadriplegic to drive around the World. 

The 40,000 kilometre journey through 18 countries in a specially-equipped vehicle inspired both disabled and able-bodied people alike, and provided a platform to raise funds for rehabilitation and to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

Click on a leg for more details. The chosen route was the result of extensive research and consultation with Odyssey International Ltd., and was set out in the true spirit of an around the World drive. The team continually drove in a forward direction throughout the Northern and Southern hemispheres, across 4 continents, in 18 countries, through more than 100 major cities and clocked over 40,000 km. ~ the equatorial distance around the earth. Other factors that were taken into consideration were the political climate in the various countries, road conditions and the availability/costs for shipping and air freighting the two vehicles. The departure date of March 20, 2001 took advantage of optimum global weather conditions. The route also included visits to rehabilitation centres, research laboratories, schools and major organizations representing people with disabilities.

Challenge Leg 1.

The drive team departed from Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada on March 20, 2001, almost 16 years after Mike Nemesvary broke his neck while training on his trampoline. The inaugural leg took approximately four days to complete the 1,746 kilometres and was somewhat of a warm-up for the team. They left Ontario heading east through Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI and finally on to Halifax, Nova Scotia. From there the vehicle wasl sea freighted to Dublin, Ireland, while the team flew to London, England to take part in public relations activities prior to embarking on the second leg of the journey.

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Dates: March 20 -24, 2001
Locations: Ottawa - Montreal - Quebec City - Fredericton - Saint John - Charlottetown - Halifax
Distance 1,746 km
Transport: Vehicles will be sea freighted from Halifax, Canada to Dublin, Ireland
Drive team will fly from Halifax, Canada to London, England
Challenge Leg 2.

The second leg departed from Dublin, Ireland on April 5, 2001. The team headed north through Belfast and then took a ferry across to Scotland. They drove as far north as Aberdeen and then worked their way south throughout England eventually reaching London and Dover. They took the Chunnel under the English Channel and continued east through France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Greece. The "fun" began as the team travelled east through Istanbul, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and into India. Daily driving distances were limited to help ensure safety while accounting for the challenging road conditions and heavy traffic on the main truck roads. On June 6th, some 16,778 kilometres later the team arrived in Madras on the south-eastern tip of India to then catch a flight to Perth, Australia. The vehicle was sea freighted to Perth, Australia.

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Dates: April 5 - June 11, 2001 (Revised May 15, 2001: +12 days)
Locations: Dublin - Belfast - Glasgow - Aberdeen - Edinburgh - Manchester - Birmingham - London - Paris - Zurich - Munich - Venice - Rome - Istanbul - Ankara - Tehran - Quetta - Lahore - Delhi - Agra - Madras
Distance 16,778 km
Transport: Vehicles will be sea freighted from Madras, India to Perth, Australia
Drive team will fly from Madras, India to Perth, Australia
Challenge Leg 3.

After a break the team resumed their travel heading north-east through Australia. They headed as far north as Port Hedland and through Darwin and Brisbane. Australia added another 11,150 kilometres to the total distance. The team arrived in Sydney on August 11, 2001, flying on to Mexico City a few days later.

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Dates: July 8 - August 14, 2001 (Route, dates and mileage revised)
Locations: Perth - Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Canberra - Brisbane - Sydney
Distance 10,936 km
Transport: Vehicle will be freighted from Perth, Australia to Mexico City, Mexico
Drive team will fly from Sydney, Australia to Mexico City, Mexico
Challenge Leg 4.

The 4th and final leg will depart Mexico City in late August, 2001 and travel north through El Paso and into the United States. They will travel north along California's Pacific Coast Highway and onto San Francisco where August 30, 2001 has been proclaimed as "Mike Nemesvary Day".

They will continue north through Oregon and Washington finally arriving on Canadian soil in Vancouver, British Columbia on September 4, 2001. They will head east on the Trans Canada Highway across the Rockies through Calgary, Alberta and across the Prairies.

They will travel into Ontario through Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie and meet with the media in Toronto. From Toronto, they will head to Cornwall and Montréal, Quebec. From Montréal, they will head back west to Hudson, Hawkesbury, finally culminating the journey on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on October 23, seven months and 40,553 kilometres later.

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Dates: August 20 - October 23, 2001 (Route, dates and mileage revised August 2001)
Locations: Mexico City - Chihuahua - Tucson - Los Angeles - San Francisco - Seattle - Vancouver - Kamloops - Calgary - Medicine Hat - Regina - Brandon - Winnipeg - Kenora - Thunder Bay - Sault Ste. Marie - Sudbury - North Bay - Toronto - Peterborough - Belleville - Kingston - Cornwall - Montréal - Hudson - Hawkesbury - OTTAWA
Distance 10,879 km
Total Distance 40,455 kilometres
ON OCTOBER 23, 2001


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