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Meet Mike Nemesvary. Meet the Support Team.

Mike Nemesvary, President
Steve Hambling, Vice-President, Business Affairs
Randy Waugh, Founding Member and Operations Manager
Roger Greenberg
John Lawson
Ellyn Holzman
Jackie Nemesvary
Joanne Richard

The 'Round the World Challenge is extremely fortunate to have the support of so many talented individuals who have given so freely of their valuable time, expertise and constant encouragement.

Barbara Broccoli
Michael Watt
Jackie Holzman

Ernie Tannis
Stephen Keogh

Dr. Jamie McDougall

Dr. Dan DeForge
Brian McGarry
Garry Sowerby
Marcel Clèment
Betty Dion
Eilleen Legault
Keith McDonald
Jason McDonald

Peter Morel
William McElligott
Natalie Lapierre
Les Nemesvary

Paul Bélisle
Dr. Gaetan Tardif
Mary Lou Ware
Cliff Wolfe


Special thanks to our former Committee members and Advisors:

Sam Armstrong
Chantelle Bowers
Skip Brooks

Norma Lu Brown
Sue Bishop
Gwen Cahill
Tammy Dumoulin
James Keogh

Jessica Hacker
Pierre Heroux
Luc Lamirande

Guy Martel
George McGibney
Frank McGoldrick
Elizabeth Styff

Cindy Willin


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