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The Story Behind the Challenge

Driving to raise international awareness for people with disabilities especially those with spinal cord injuries. Our goal is freedom and inclusiveness for all.

Episode 1 The Departure

World Cup Champion Skier

How Mike Reached the Peak of Top-Level Skiing

Mike Nemesvary started out with a dream to become the premier freestyle skier in the world – and he was well on his way to achieving it. For well over a decade, Mike competed at the highest levels in Canada and globally, winning dozens of championships including World Cups as well as Canadian, European and British skiing titles. He even appeared in movies, most notably the JamesBond instalment “A View to a Kill,” as a stunt skier. Indeed, Mike was reaching the pinnacle of world-class skiing elite. And then, suddenly, his entire world changed

Becoming a Quadriplegic

A Training Injury & a Radical Paradigm Shift

On a sunny, spring Saturday in 1985, Mike Nemesvary was engaging in his first trampoline training session of the year, when a full in-full out jump manoeuvre went terribly wrong. Mike blacked out whilst airborne and woke up on his back staring up at the sky – completely unable to feel his body let alone move. In an instant, Mike had gone from world-class skier to quadriplegic. It was from this moment that Mike found his paradigm shifting from achieving world glory to undergoing a series of procedures, regaining basic function and embarking on a path towards a new vision.

One Man’s Determination to Raise Awareness & Funds

RWC 2001: With his journey forcing a radical goal recalibration, Mike Nemesvary has since redefined what it means to accomplish a dream – and has set out on a life-long, worldwide challenge to help others in similar situations achieve their dreams. “I broke my neck,” says Mike, “not my spirit!” The Round the World Challenge has seen Mike become the first quadriplegic to drive around the world. He has given motivational presentations and seminars to audiences of all sorts of sizes, scopes and situations.

RWC 2021: The Challenge continues in 2021 with the goal of raising awareness and funds for people with disabilities, especially those living with spinal cord injuries.  This challenge encompasses corporate sponsors, individual donors, books, events and much more. Won’t you come along for this amazing journey?!

How Your Donations
Can Help

‘Round The World Challenge

Your donations are what help keep us going. Our continued challenge relies on your support to turn these goals into reality.