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Episode 6


On April 28th 2001 Mike Nemesvary continues his journey from Greece to Turkey.

Director: Gordon Carson
Co-Director and Editor: Derek Prosser
Cameraman: Jean-Marc Dubois
Production Assistant: Mary Anne McPhee
Music: John Eaves
Host: Mike Nemesvary

‘Round the World Challenge – 20th Anniversary Virtual Tour:

The Challenge was never about me … it is about US and what we ALL can do to help our brothers and sisters with disabilities worldwide. Let me remind you that “TAB’s” stands for “Temporarily Able Bodied”! You never know if and when YOU are the next person to break your neck or back and have to live the rest of your life with the profound repercussions of a spinal cord injury.
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Photos : Turkey

Round The World Challenge - Episode 4
April 30, 2001,
Mike and Christine being interviewed by “CNN Turkey” 6 min. profile on evening news, Istanbul.
Round The World Challenge - Episode 4
April 30, 2001,
Mosque in Istanbul.
Round The World Challenge - Episode 4
May 4, 2001,
Team mobbed by media while stopped at internet café on outskirts of town, Erzerum, Turkey.

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